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This website is committed to being the world’s most comprehensive and in-depth sign resource for Speech Language Pathologists who use American Sign Language in therapy.  

Our research and focus is on the integration of signs and sign language with speech language pathology (specifically, pediatric speech language pathology).    Through research, studies, and experience we have started to build a platform and a systematic approach/model for garnering the most effective and efficient approach to teaching signs as a form of communication when working as a speech language pathologist.    We also have created an extensive database of examples available for anyone to use!

Our approach creates a fundamental hierarchy for understanding how signs can be taught and then generalized by clients.  In addition, we’ve worked diligently to ensure that “signs” are taught in a way that maintain respect for the ASL community and the beautiful language that it is.

On this site you’ll find both a dictionary Lookup resource containing hundreds of signs and their varying levels/stages or progression.   You’ll also be able to watch educational Workshops to better understand how to breakdown signs, teach them, and how a consistent approach to teaching is fundamental to broad generalization and acceptance as a form of communication.  

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Also, as I’m sure you’ll notice, we don’t charge for access to this site and we have NO ADS anywhere on the website. That said, it’s expensive to maintain and build a platform like this. Any donation you can make to help keep us moving forward is greatly appreciated!  


-The ASLforSLPs team

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