First, I just want to thank everyone who has helped with ASLforSLPs and continues to help!  

definitely has had great support and help getting to where it is today.   I’ve had help from family, friends, professors, co-workers, you name it.   I certainly can’t take all the credit myself!  Thank you all, and I’m very excited for where ASLforSLPs is headed!


A Little About Me-  

I have a Bachelor’s degree in ASL Interpreting and a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Northeastern University.  I also have a Master’s degree in Education, Language & Literacy at Harvard University.  I’m a registered SLP-A and currently working on my Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  Over the years I’ve been very active in the ASL community, and have been an ASL interpreter for many different types of events, forums, churches, schools, and hospitals. 

I’ve grown up signing; my younger sister has CHARGE syndrome and as a result she is deaf.  Because of this, my home growing up was always filled with signing.   Since the age of 4, the only way I’ve been able to talk to and play with my little sister was through sign. 

Fast forward to the morning of my 21st birthday; I had an accident while exercising at the gym that caused me to fall into a coma.   As I’m sure you can imagine, emerging from the coma was quite an experience.  Interestingly enough, I wasn’t able to talk due to the feeding tubes and medical equipment, but I could sign.  Rehabilitation was also interesting, and working with the speech therapist who was in charge of helping me to regain my communication skills was an unforgettable experience.    

Shortly after starting college I started to work at a pediatric speech therapy practice.   The director of that practice, Dr, Jasmine Gillis, has been quite instrumental in my ability to develop this site and methodology for speech therapists.


ASL is very much a part of my personality, but I’d have to say that communication and language in general has become a growing and driving focus, with ASL at its core.   The Deaf community has provided me with such an amazing look and understanding of how special and unique a culture can be, especially one that is united around a form of communication. 

ASLforSLPs is designed to be a resource for speech therapists and to be a way for them to better understand and respect the uniqueness of Deaf culture.   Our intimate knowledge of ASL has enabled us the ability to breakdown signs in a way that allow for a much more effective and efficient model for teaching them in a pediatric speech therapy setting.

Feel free to browse the site, and you are always welcome to contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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