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This website is committed to being the world’s most comprehensive and in-depth sign resource for Speech Language Pathologists who use American Sign Language in therapy.

Our research and focus is on the integration of signs and sign language with speech language pathology (specifically, pediatric speech language pathology)...
ASL & the Deaf Community

Many speech pathologists have only a generalized or limited understanding of ASL (American Sign Language) and the Deaf community.

ASLforSLPs looks to change that by not only providing a simplified signing system/method of ASL for SLPs, but to also educate about this unique language and its origins... continued


Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists working with children who present with delayed expressive language skills, particularly within the phase of early language learning, often introduce sign language to their young clients as an alternative method of eliciting language during the initial stages of therapy.

Manual sign models and shaping is  usually paired with vocal models of target words, as both forms are presented simultaneously.  Use of signs in therapy provides therapists and the children, more importantly, with an immediately effective method of communication.  Not only do we find that children are responsive sooner, they are often shown to use vocal approximations in conjunction with their use of a sign.

Let’s say you are (an SLP) working with a 20-month-old boy who has strong receptive language skills, age-appropriate play skills, good attention, and strong imitation... continued


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